Adam & Eve Magic Massager

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Adam & Eve Magic Massager For The Best Clitoral Massage

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Adam & Eve Magic Massager is going to enhance your climax.
Tired of vibrators that aren’t strong enough, or ones that run through batteries faster than you can enjoy them? The Adam & Eve Massaging Vibrator is strong enough for even the most demanding user, and never requires a single battery change! This wand style massager provides deep, satisfying vibrations at both low and high speeds for a multitude of sensual applications.
• Super Strong Dual Speeds
• Long Handle For Easy Maneuvering
• Cord measures 5.5 feet long
• Flexible Ball Spring Head
• Plug In Power Never Runs Low



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1 review for Adam & Eve Magic Massager

  1. Rated 4 out of 5


    I think bullet ones are the best kind! Forget the dildo kind all you need is for it to be prseesd up against your clit, or around that area, and bam! best orgasm ever :D. Makes me feel less shit about being single for extended periods lol. I got one a few years ago and not only is it faster, but i find my orgasms are more intense. I think the idea that it desensitizes your clit is stupid you don’t even need to press it directly against it anyway, and even if you do, there isn’t a limit to how many times you can cum. Like one of the other girls, I also find that rubbing against something (normally my own underwear) gets me off more than using my hand (maybe because this is how i first started masturbating when I was a lot younger), and then i just slip the vibrator in their too, and it’s great. Best 20pounds I ever spent! Haven’t tried it during sex yet but i’ve always thought being tied up and then forced to orgasm with a vibrator is pretty hot. You should ask Hamilton to do that for you could be another fun wake up call ;). And you have to ask him for permission first. And if you keep bringing yourself to the edge, and then stopping, you get the most intense orgasm if you have the patience. X

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